U.S. National and Multi-national, Multi-location Enterprises

The multi-location enterprise client possesses approximately 100 or more locations or over 1,000 voice-grade access lines within the United States. Typically utilizing multiple vendors, this client class represents the most labor-intensive auditing projects for our company. With multiple vendors and varied account services, expertise in the application of vendor Uniform Service Order Codes (USOC), in programming these services, plays a pivotal role in rationalizing telecommunications assets.

Enterprise clients generally execute multiple service contracts, with multiple vendors, to obtain volume and or term discounts. These contracts vary greatly between the vendors, requiring the understanding and analysis of the underlying tariff and regulatory body in multiple states of jurisdiction. Under such conditions, a "one size fits all" application of service contracts cannot exist, as variations between vendor clients affect the terms and pricing levels obtainable for such contracts. Knowing what favorable contract conditions other vendor clients are receiving, is a major knowledge base of financial value we bring to our enterprise clients. This knowledge base is unobtainable without exposure to multiple, national enterprise end-users, across multiple vendor zones in the United States.

Examples of Past Enterprise Clients

Enterprise-level projects generally comprise the following activities. The list is not exhaustive

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