Prestige Auditing

For nearly twenty years, Picard-Crochet & Associates, through its Prestige Telecommunications Auditing practice, has specialized in local exchange carrier telecommunications auditing, long distance accounts auditing, as well as data network auditing. We are a U.S. veteran-owned and operated small business. Our services include many facets that are client size-specific. To garner a thorough understanding of our work, and how it applies to you, we recommend reading the section "What Comprises a Forensic Telecommunications Audit?" You can reach that section by clicking here.

Our "manual" work processes are of the same caliber as traditional, handcrafted products, as there is little to no allowance for error. Known in the telecommunications community for our integrity and thoroughness, we have gained the respect of telecommunications vendors across the United States, because we do the research and analytical work before we engage the vendors on your behalf; saving time, financial and labor expenses of both the client and vendors. Without this level of thoroughness, we risk not only our pristine reputation with our clients, but also with the clients' vendors. This attention to detail expedites the discovery and reconciliation processes. Our expertise creates direct expense and asset rationalization, with prospective financial expense reduction and recovery for your enterprise.

Fortune 50, Fortune 500, and Fortune 1000 companies have engaged our firm for projects reaching across all regions of the United States. Government entities have benefited from our auditing, tariff and contract negotiation expertise, including the financial rationalization of employed lease-based hardware assets, as well as E-911 lease-financed equipment arrangements. Our firm's working knowledge of Finance has benefited government clients when addressing complex issues involving lease financing of telecommunications hardware.

We have audited the telecommunications accounts of international clients with operations throughout the United States, as many international clients lack a thorough understanding of the complexity of U.S. telecommunications regulatory and tariff application (U.S. state PSC and PUC, as well as FCC oversight effects). U.S. tariff and regulatory structure, governing telecommunications services and pricing, are the most unique and complex laws and statutes in the world. Our greatest distinction has been auditing the U.S. administrative, local exchange telecommunications accounts of a Tier-1 global telecommunications provider. We know of no auditor who can claim this level of experience and trust.

For over fifteen years, we have been the "behind the scenes" local carrier auditors for other premier telecommunications auditing firms, and continue to foster such relationships. We have immediately followed other firms that have audited client telecommunications accounts. Our thoroughness and expertise consistently yields high Return on Investment (ROI) following other auditing firms' projects. Many auditors focus only on "hanging fruit," as their work often augments the primary sale of another service or product. Therefore, their "audit" is merely a low-level, supplementary service delivered as a "value added" benefit, not as a primary focus, this is a very important distinction many clients fail to understand.

We are one part of a complete enterprise-level rationalization and consulting program. We compliment the expertise of other consultancies. When addressing cost reduction programs, leaving stones unturned results in lowered rationalization program outcomes.

We will effectively augment your corporate expense rationalization program. To learn more about our services and experience, continue reading through our website. Use the "contact us" form to initiate a dialogue by clicking here. We can answer most of your questions via email.