References and Links

This is a list of references and source material, some of which is used throughout this website. As time allows, we will add to this list for interested parties who may find it useful, including our past and future clients. Although the information does not tell you how to conduct a full telecommunications audit on your own (that would require a multi-volume reference library), it does give you unbiased information about the telecommunications industry, telecommunications management, and the problems surrounding telecommunications vendor invoicing. By reading some of these articles, you will be better informed in your decision-making processes.

Unlike some competitors who want to scare you into purchasing their services or software, whether you need them or not, we like to be forthcoming with information, and we feel it is always prudent to support our statements. We also believe in giving credit to the people who have researched the telecommunications industry; publishing their research in the multitudes of scholarly and non-scholarly publications. We feel it is necessary to share our research with the broader community, because not everyone needs our expertise. However, everyone needs to keep abreast of the latest trends in the telecommunications industry. Information is power, and we are willing to share some of that, especially with small businesses in the United States.


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